Today – Nov 2

Hey again. 2 days 2 posts – a good start. Today’s post is just about today. I woke up this morning with a massive headache. I ended up sleeping on the couch after a couple of nurofen and missed my morning work out. I am not feeling the pressure of missing exercise it feels like just another block on the way.

Taxi-driverToday I was a very busy taxi driver. My wife had her work at KSP, 2 of my daughters had parties to go to (in opposite directions) and I had to shop in between. I squeezed in a little weight training at lunch time and ate well. So all things considered it was a good day. Everyone getting where they needed and not too much time pressure on me.

In previous posts you will note that I have self harmed an awful lot. This has continued over my non-blog period but recently this has dwindled. I have felt pretty good over the last couple of weeks and today was another happy day.

My youngest daughter gave me a rough map to direct me to her party, a week ago. This afternoon I double checked it on google maps, including a couple of ground views to give me an idea of the turns. So we are driving along half way there and she turns to me and says. “you do know where you are going, right ? You programmed it into the satnav.” “No but I know roughly where I am going.” This alarmed her. “How will we get there?” I said “It’s ok you showed me a map a week ago and I can kinda remember it”

“WHAT?! Are you kidding? You can’t rely on that!” I said “No, no, no it will be fine. I’ll guess. ”

“If we get loss I will kill you”

natashaI reflect on the fact that I have headed unerringly to the house. No pauses. No looking concerned. It took her 20 minutes to decide perhaps I didn’t know where I was going. I worry about her.

Anyway we got to the house. I turned to her and said ” well here we are I guess it was a good idea to go over google maps carefully before we left.” A priceless look and 2 minute rant was a very satisfying payment and off she went. She really didn’t seem to think I knew where I was going. I REALLY worry about her.

Fun Day,Will do a little more exercise later. Come back again I will be sharing my truth. (big smiley face emoji)

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