Saga of the Leg – part one.

Hey guys !  No post yesterday, I just got caught up. Way too much going on. Today I increased my weights 10kg, so up and up. I am exercising well. Woke up this morning fresh and ready to hit the world, although I did have a 2 hour snooze this afternoon. Diet/exercise things are progressing well.

I am intending to do my posts a little different this time. I will give a little update on where I am too start with and then do my little rants, poems and family reflections. So if you don’t need to hear my updates, just jump into the meat and potatoes (It won’t make me VERY sad, I promise)

Today I would like to talk about my leg. I have mentioned in previous posts (The Broken Man ) the severe damage that an infection has done to my lower left leg, leaving the skin very thin and prone to ulcerating and ripping. A slight bump can will take skin off and take a long time to heal. I was fortunate enough to have a good run with my leg this year, a few small holes but no large tears, until … OUR HOLIDAY.

I have spoken about the wonderful place I found for our second honeymoon and how we were returning in the winter this year (Australian winter June/July/August. Some years just a little of June). I lost a 30 kg up to that point which was where I wanted to be. I felt great!! Dieting well, exercising daily. Fantastic progress. We were really looking forward to our little getaway. I will be going into our holiday in a later post but for the moment back to my leg saga.

The rocksThere is a lovely waterfall and brook running right past our cabin, the sound and view were magnificent. We explored and I got a little over adventurous (I can only blame it on youthful zeal). I was jumping from boulder to boulder looking out over the water. I was at ease and sure footed. Unfortunately I landed on a boulder with a layer of moss under a bit of overhang, my first foot landed steady, my second slipped and pounded straight into another rock. I knew I was in trouble right away.

Huge pain, red and swelling. Next Day the skin started ripping open and leaking goo. I had a fist sized hole in the outer skin layer on my shin. it was not a great way to finish the holiday. Fortunately I had been wearing tough pants otherwise the complications could well have cost me my leg. Here begins the healing.

sleep 1Three months pass before I can comfortably stand for long periods. No exercise. 4 months to heal so I can begin clawing back at my body. There were a lot of side effects to this. I couldn’t shop easily. I couldn’t cook with any ease. I had to sleep out on the couch to lock my leg in position and not let the dogs touch it. I was wrecking my diet, losing shape and destroying my routines and in short I was miserable.

One bright light – I only put on 3 kg. Now we begin again. If nothing else this period has saved my parents a couple of hundred dollars.  (Back to Dieting)(lol).

Stay well (smiley face emoji)


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