And Now Today

Enough catch up, it’s time to look to now. No one seems to be reading anyway, I may just have to make this a personal diary.

I pulled down the Christmas tree today. It went remarkably well and by the end of today I should have it all packed away in the shed for another year. I let it stay out a little longer as our lead into Chrissie was a bit short. Mind you one year in the hovel we had a Father’s Day Tree (1st week of September). I try for around the start of January.

I went out back this morning to find our neighbour cutting back our passionfruit vine. He was not just trimming back his side. He cut up a big chunk (including fruit) and planned to cut it back all the way along. His reasoning was the vines leaves were dropping on his driveway. I was just stunned at the audacity of someone to do that. I told him to stop, which he did. I told him I wanted to talk about it with Lisa and if we wanted it cut back we would do it from our side.

Our house is higher up than his, with a large stone wall and a fence on top of it between him and our property. He had to go to a lot of trouble to do this, apparently he has been trimming it back for some time. He didn’t bother to ask about it, and I am certainly in no mood or mind to let him get away with this.

The main reason we ran the wire on our side of the fence for the vines was to block his bright white tin roof reflecting the sun straight into our house. It is blinding. We keep all the curtains on that side of the house constantly shut and even in the garden it is too blinding. His house itself is about 2 foot taller than any house in the street, and puts his roof right at the top of the fence.

I don’t know what to do about it. You don’t want to be a bad neighbour but you cant let them walk all over you either. We have had terrible neighbours – here or in the hovel; A few examples? Our first neighbours at the hovel had 2 under 10, uncontrollable kids who ran through our yard spreading our cement sand everywhere, road their bikes up and down our driveway while the cement was wet, leaving tracks there forever and threw a stone through our window. Another neighbour left cars across our yard, were fighting all hours, stopped our bins from being picked up and covered an area I cleared in our front yard in rubbish for the big pick up, including glass that I got a nasty slice on my leg from. These people scared Lisa and she is now very reluctant to cause trouble for fear of reprisal. I’d love some advice.

I went outside to take some pics for this post, only to find he had actually finished his ‘trimming’. I am frustrated and angry. Lisa says he can do what he wants with the garden now, she’s not going out there as she is scared of him. Our daughter, Natasha won’t go out because he yelled at her last year for kicking a soccer ball against the fence. I don’t remember this, which is not surprising, but I don’t know how to resolve this conflict. It ticks me off which tends to put me out in a fit sleep, yelling vainly about what I’d like to do to him, When all I really want him to do is leave us and our things alone.

Hey Life.

‘A bad neighbour is a misfortune as a good one is a great blessing’

Here’s to more blessings for all

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