Yesterday Pt2

Catherine …. Yesterday may have been a great, fantastic, unbelievable, sky high day for Tabitha, starting early, but in the afternoon it ramped up for Catty.

Catty attends an anime club once a week. She helps out at Comic-Con and other festivals, and plays cards. She is now starting to get into cosplay and costume making (she made Tabby’s Kingdom Hearts’ Gloves). So this is where she is at.

Power Rangers started on television when she was 18 months old, and quite honestly Lisa and I loved the show. She was a Power Ranger girl. she couldn’t get enough of it. We got her toys and videos and her collection grew from there. She has every season on dvd, multiple team sets, Zords etc. She has even moved onto the Japanese originals.

A story we love to tell is about when Alex was born. We hated the maternity hospital and wanted to get our lovely new baby out as soon as possible. There was another reason – large soft power ranger toys were coming out on special that morning and would sell out quickly. So 4 hours after Alex was born we were at Toyworld buying power rangers. To top it all off Grandma had the same idea and had taken Catty to Toyworld so she wouldn’t miss out. Catty met her baby sister at 4 hours.

Back to power rangers. The girls have had costumes and other bits and pieces for dress ups since they were young, but 2 years ago Catty took a step up and order a full costume of the pink ranger. Out fit from one seller. leather boost and gloves from another. And a helmet from a third. She researched everything, got them from the best makers ready to wear them to the festivals.

Everything came in its own time. first the suit, then the gloves and boots. Finally … nothing. The helmet was supposed to take 9 months. Unfortunately due to a firing accident a large set of helmets had to be remade (they take pride in their work and work for perfection). It has taken 2 years for her to get the helmet and it arrived yesterday. It is wonderful.

Big day for the Holt girls.

Its Morphin’ Time,

Go Go Power Rangers.

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