Today was all about the girls.

Catty made the gloves for Tabitha for her birthday. Aren’t they amazing. Cat is looking to get in to costume making.

Tabitha is on Cloud 9. We have been counting down the days to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, and today we reached O.

They opened EB Games early today (eight o’clock) and we were there when the doors opened. She got the game, we bought her a couple of shirts, a bunch of grapes and she has been way all day on her PS4. All we hear is squeals of delight, laughs, and ‘Oh My God’s’. We will have to wrestle her off the TV for dinner. It may cause her heavy withdrawal symptoms.

I won’t fully go into the game, but it has multi Disney worlds and characters, and Japanese Anime characters from a particular company. have watched it and heard about it, but I never really follow it. I do think Disney missed a trick by not letting Mickey be the lead character.

Apparently they didn’t want to hitch the big guy to a game that might not have been a perfect hit. So it was down to Goofy and Donald Duck, and they rocked. My daughter wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It doesn’t matter what you wear…. Only the heart that beats inside of ya!”
Donald and Goofy

Happy Kingdom Hearts Day y’all

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